At Jack Abby Productions, we produce thought-provoking films geared precisely to the message you're trying to send. That's all we do. Below is some of the work we've been privileged to film and produce for some amazing clients.

While working for Hockey Canada, we were tasked with producing a short film for its Champion program, highlighting an incredible young woman from southern Ontario.

Tiya Bainbridge not only overcame a devastating diagnosis, she did so while showing everyone what a selfless person she is.

She's a true beacon of light, an inspiration, and someone every single person--regardless of age--can learn from.

Real estate films are something we love to produce this is an example of our ability to tell a story, while simultaneously highlighting a very unique property.

This film presented a few challenges, given we weren't able to film inside the home itself, but we're still extremely proud of this piece and so was the property's owner.

It was an absolute game-changer for the property owner and was instrumental in helping him sell the property in a timely manner.

While working for the Lakeland College Rustlers, we were turned on to the inspiring story of Rustlers Alumni, Bob McDermott. In 1987 McDermott had a decision to make; Golf or Farming.

The decision he made irreversibly altered his life, a life that at one point reached the depths of near suicide, but also record-breaking heights. It's a story of perseverance and victory against all odds.

It shows that as humans, we are capable of greatness, no matter what obstacles stand in our way.

Every year the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) holds a month-long "Make Some Noise for Mental Health" campaign. This is a film we were proud to produce to raise awareness towards the stigma that surrounds mental health.

This film has been shared nationally by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) both internally and externally to show the impact its had a s a major sponsor of the initiative.

Our founder, Lance Phillips, works through mental health issues and this film was especially important to him. We are responsible for the entire film, from script creation through to post-production.

Lakeland College is a small school in Alberta's midwest region that caters mainly to farming and agriculture industries. Its athletic teams, named "Rustlers" sometimes struggle to recruit top-level athletes for a variety of reasons.

Arguably its most successful program is women's volleyball, which won the school's first CCAA (Canadian Colleges Athletic Association) national championship in 2017 and followed it up with a bronze medal in 2018.

Much of that success can be attributed to 3 athletes who played 5 years with the school, a rare occurrence in college sports. The 3 athletes approached us about producing a film dedicated to their head coach, Austin Dyer, who they credit all their success too.

We developed a script completely from their words and used a lot of shots from games we'd been shooting since 2018.

Every year, thousands of student-athletes leave it all out there, competing for fans, their school and most of all respect. This is dedicated to all the incredible student athletes throughout the CCAA and beyond who work so hard.

The athletes in this film filled out a short questionnaire with specific questions about their experience as a student-athlete. The answers we compiled and developed into a script read by each athlete and pieced together in post.

Jack Abby was responsible for all aspects of this film and game footage was used that we've captured since 2017.

After having their dreams of back-to-back national championships ended, the Lakeland College Rustlers women's volleyball team battled self-imposed pressure to prevail in another way.

We build these short, 60-second game recaps utilizing pre-game, locker room talks from the coach to his/her players as the narration. These short, doc-style films have been very successful on social media especially due to their short nature.

High school football is a huge draw in Alberta and one of the province's more successful programs is based in Lloydminster at Holy Rosary High School.

The school is a perennial provincial championship contender, spawned from a culture of hard work, accountability and perseverance.

For 3 seasons, Rustlers women's volleyball was the gold standard for the female version of the sport in the ACAC (Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference.) In 2018-19, The King's University Eagles battled with the Rustlers women all season, trading wins and losses.

This Rustlers home game vs. King's was a final test to see which of the two teams would prevail in the conference's North division.

Lakeland college men's basketball dealt with a lot of adversity throughout the 2018-19 season. Arguaby the toughest was working through the first semester with less than 10 players.

Its first game back after the Christmas break brought optimism with nearly every player on the roster available to play.

The John Reid Memorial hockey tournament is arguably the most prestigious Bantam AAA tournament in North America, bringing in the top teams from Canada and the USA.

For 2019, the Lloydminster Bantam AAA Bobcats were accepted to play, a feather in the cap of a program having its best year after struggling in 2017 & 2018.

The first foray into elite hockey for girls in Alberta's midwest region comes in the form of the Alberta Female Hockey League. Specifically for Lloydminster teenagers, it's the Junior Steelers.

The Bantam program is the first of what many girls hope are many steps to a long hockey career, but it doesn't come easy.

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